The images on this site are available to order prints of various types and sizes on different medias, all shopping cart activities, including printing and despatch are handled by FOTOMOTO, a well-respected operator, only high quality printers in your country are used to print and deliver.

Digital downloads are available on request and pricing is down to the commercial use, pricing is available in the shopping cart.

Files are in jpeg sRGB format and are soft proofed for colour, file sizes vary between images and are 25 to 36MB at 600dpi, giving the quality for large scale enlargements. The images shown on this site are of low resolution to enable fast loading, they are of no comparison to the high resolution files used for printing.

Some colours may show differently if your monitor is not colour calibrated and in particular laptops are set with too high a brightness.

A link is provided to my Truk Lagoon website I built a few years ago, the information on it is still relevant and has been updated in places.

All images are subject to copyright laws.